DT-338 點擊圖片放大



Product Feature:
1. Fix the position of left side stopper
2. Use wrench to Fix the right side stopper
3. After putting the adhesive film on
4. Use waste paper when start running until the wrinklae is elimineted
5. Put on the
"U" shape holder (right & left)
6. Well set the adhesive film
7. Turn the speed knob to
8. Adjust the side guide to aling with left edge of adhesive film
9. Choose the operation
"Auto" or "Foot pedal"
10. Put a piece of paper and leave it under the press roll befor turning the machine

Product Specifications:
1. Patent roller design, no bubbling while varnishing
2. Size: 46x47x29(WxLxH)
3. Weight: 15kg
4. Max.Varnishing Range: 34cm
5. Power: 11OAC 60Hz/24OAC 5OHz
6. Applied in: book binding, dust-proof/water-proof covering 
Primary Competitive Advantages:
1. New Product
2. Earth-friendly Products
3. ln a Variety of Designs
4. Small Order Acceptable